American Mineral Treasures: The Movie was begun in early 2007 as the Tucson mineral shows were being held.

BlueCap Productions, upon learning about this monumental event, immediately contacted the people in charge of setting up the exhibit and volunteered our services. We envisioned a film that would not only complement the exhibit but would show a lot of the behind-the-scenes activity necessary to make this exhibit a success.

As this idea blossomed, we began to add to

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the film so that it would also contain one-on-one interviews with the specimen and case owners. It's these people-focused stories behind the locations and fabulous works of natural art that truly brought these specimens to life.

From there, we started talking to some of the top mineral specimen photographers and agreed that this film would be a perfect place to showcase their fabulous photography - including many never-before-seen images.

In short, this will be the film of a lifetime for the show of a lifetime. In fact, originally it was planned as a one-DVD program but, after editing many of the segments, we realized that one DVD would not be enough to cover everything in the detail that is required. Currently it is scheduled to be a six DVD program with the first DVD scheduled to be released at the 2009 Tucson show.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed being able to create it.

Best regards,

-BlueCap Productions