With the 2010 edition of What's Hot In Tucson, well-known collector and editor Bob Jones joins Dave Wilber as co-host of the biggest show we ever produced.

Six hours of mineral fun on three DVDs, made this THE extravaganza show of the year!!!

Jeff Scovil returns with his Top Ten Tucson Photos from 2010.

Run-time: 6 hours
Price: $39.99

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The 2009 edition of What's Hot In Tucson is packed with four-hours of some of the most stunning minerals to make it to Tucson.

The 2009 edition is also the first time we started putting in on-screen labels for all the specimens that are being reviewed. All information was cross-checked with the database and this new feature became so popular that we've decided to do it for all future editions also.

This two-DVD set also includes a two programs as Special Features on Disc 2. In the first of these programs, Wilber builds a mineral collection consisting of pieces costing $99 or less that he found in Tucson during the filming of this program.

The second Special Feature is Jeff Scovil's Top Ten Tucson Photos where Scovil shares his favorite photos from 2009.

Run-time: 4 hours
Price: $29.99

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Once again we've brought out the footage that didn't make it on the final DVD and put it together on TWO DVDs called What's Hot In Tucson: 2009 - Online.

Three additional hours of coverage are included on this DVD of more of the pieces that come to the greatest mineral show on earth.

Run-time: 3 hour
Price: $19.99

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This is a 20-minute version of What's Hot In Tucson: 2009 that is perfect for a Special Event meeting at your local mineral club. We've tried to make this as fun-packed as possible - giving you a glimpse into some of the outstanding segments in the full, 4-hour What's Hot In Tucson: 2009.

Perfect for mineral club meetings of any length, we also include in this package a 10% discount program for members of all participating mineral clubs.

Run-time: 20 minutes
Price: $5.99

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We shot so much great footage in 2008 that we simply couldn't fit it on the normal What's Hot In Tucson package - even though we doubled the length of it from 2007 to 2008!!

Since we didn't want to throw away the video segments, we decided to post them online for FREE. There are available to view at:

Since the online resolution of the videos is only so-so, we decided to also release a DVD of these clips so that you could also enjoy them in full resolution. We also added a few extra clips ONLY available on this DVD.

Run-time: 1 hour
Price: $9.99

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After the stellar feedback over What's Hot In Tucson: 2007, we return to Tucson in 2008 to film another episode of What's Hot In Tucson. This year we filmed so much more fantastic footage that we had to double the length of the program to four-hours over 2-DVDs!!

In addition to this, we added a new segment called Scovil's Top Ten Tucson Photos. In this segment, premiere mineral photographer Jeff Scovil shares with us his ten favorite photos he took at the 2008 Tucson show.

Run-time: 4 hours
Price: $29.99

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Our pilot program launched in 2007, this is the first in the What's Hot In Tucson series. This one-DVD program runs two-hours long and is filled with all the greatest finds from the 2007 Tucson mineral show.



Run-time: 2 hours
Price: $24.95

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